Zhejiang Zhoushan Longyuan Shuanglong Pharmceutical Equipment Co.,Ltd is an export enterprise, integrates independently researching , production and developing high-speed counting and bottling production line for pharmaceutical and food industries. Now it has a registered capital of 5 million RMB and a production workshop area of more than 5000 square meters as well as a more t......[More]
Medicinal coating materials and coating
Thin film coating is a new type of coating technology, refers to the relatively stable in the slice of core outsourcing thin layers of clothing. From a professional point of view, medical film coating is a kind of coated in a layer on the surface of the drug molecules film, color to the drug, beauti...
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LY-150B high-speed Tablet
LY-150A high-speed Tablet
High-speed Bottle Unscram
Disc Type Bottle Unscramb
Double-end photoelectric
High-speed Double-disc Co
High speed Paper Insertin
High-speed Desiccant Inse
High-speed Capping machin
Vertical Self-Adhesive La
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