Medicinal coating materials and coating technology to improve it is imperative to improve
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Thin film coating is a new type of coating technology, refers to the relatively stable in the slice of core outsourcing thin layers of clothing. From a professional point of view, medical film coating is a kind of coated in a layer on the surface of the drug molecules film, color to the drug, beautification and the function of the control efficacy, etc.

Since the 30 s has gradually appeared on thin film coating technology of exploration, but because just started by thin film materials, coating process and equipment conditions cannot meet the requirements for production, and the practical application by certain restrictions. To 50 s, abbott laboratories pharmaceutical factory (AbbottLab) to produce a new type of thin film first tablet, and patented "Filmtab" trademark.

After nearly 40 years of research and development, production equipment and process of continuous improvement and improvement of polymer membrane materials appeared, thin film coating technology has been developing rapidly, foreign film coating basically replaced the icing. Our country is just beginning to develop in recent years, thin film coating in accordance with the foreign drug - drug - PuYao fine to do the application situation of rapid development, has become the pharmaceutical industry "the new hot spots".

Medicinal membrane coating principle is relatively simple, but the film forming process is quite complex. In the existing medical film coating, coating materials, usually in dispersion system by spray film-forming process. When polymer dispersion system by spray gun after atomized spray with tiny droplets to the surface of a drug, these small droplets under the action of surface tension and friction force, quickly spread out on the drug surface, through the thermal effects of hot air, taking solvent rapidly into a film.

Medicinal film coating technology developed largely package icing, but compared with medicinal membrane coating has good quality, quick drying, low pollution, low cost, wide application, etc. Although the film coating material was talcum powder and sugar and expensive, but because of the small dosage, and save Labour, plant and equipment are in need, less material and energy saving, so the overall is not higher than the package of icing cost calculation. And in the process can reduce or avoid the workshop of the dust float in the sky, is beneficial to environmental protection and labor protection, at the same time can prevent pollution from the workshop, the dynamic conditions as to meet the requirements of GMP clean is of great significance.

With the development of the high polymer material science in recent years, the thin film coating is conveniently to ascend, product diversification, water-soluble, and presents the development trend of high concentration, the improvement of the coating materials and coating technology to improve innovation is imperative. This enterprise need to explore in many ways, and give full play to the advantages of thin film coating, make up for their own shortage, the development of the market to get a higher degree of development, to better application in the medical field.


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