Domestic medicine machine equipment enterprises should look to the international market demand
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International pharmaceutical present means that with the international market is more close to the new target, keep up with the pace of domestic demand for pharmaceutical machinery and equipment company, in the international market demand, to the international standards step by step, take science and technology development and technology communication and strengthen itself, lack of competition in the international market will show it.

At present, China's pharmaceutical machinery and equipment also has the leading domestic equipment, than in the past only blindly copying equipment has made great progress, also made big progress in technology. But in comparison with foreign equipment and a large part of the distance, the international market in terms of equipment, domestic equipment production of low power, automation degree is not high, not very good satisfies the customer the fast expanding, function of single also let many pharmaceutical companies are not optimistic about the domestic equipment, the company needs is the ability to make its fast pace with the development of the international pace, acceleration power of production and quality.

Continuously to enter the international market is also let pharmaceutical machinery and equipment in the face of international pressure, so that in the way of development will be steadily back problem of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment. Changes from you to start from the base, the domestic medicine machine equipment is not competitive in front of the international market is the lack of technically, can compensate the lack of relief crisis.

Is the first think of customers choose production power, market demand and the customer has to choose the more and more high power equipment; Change in industrial automation, pharmaceutical machinery also unceasingly to the progress of equipment automation degree, high degree of automation equipment to help customers more convenient and convenient in operation; More functional also must be strengthened, the customer could not have developed a new commodity procurement, a new set of equipment, equipment of the utility is a progressive customer production power and the key to save the cost of production.

It is important to note that the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment in the blue solid domestic market, to learn to hold international, imagination is not the way of company development. Nowadays, the international standard constantly updated affecting the global market, domestic drug firms as long as continuously improve the technical level of the company itself was able to cope with the international challenges.


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