A variety of policy incentives medical equipment to speed up the innovation
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Both the development situation of domestic medical equipment industry, and the global medical device industry development present situation, suggests that the current medical equipment enterprise only strengthen innovation can survive in the future medical equipment market space, the status quo will gradually eliminated by the market.

To encourage research and innovation of medical apparatus and instruments, in March, the state food and drug supervision department issued the innovation medical instrument special approval procedures (trial) "(draft) and the rules of simplified medical equipment register declare data (try out)" (draft), and said that the future will be to innovative medical device implements the preferred examination and approval, open the green channel.

According to the related policy, innovative medical devices will receive priority to deal with. However, the product must be to declare the product core technology of independent intellectual property rights, product main mechanism for domestic initiative, product performance or security compared with similar products have a fundamental improvement, technology in the international leading level, and has significant clinical value, etc.

Experts say, in the medical devices regulations should also be further defined the definition of "innovation" and the theme, and to distinguish between the domestic innovation, the innovation and emergency, in the process of examination and approval and regulatory mode, should also be in accordance with the domestic innovation, the world's innovation and the emergency of the different characteristics of the different laws and regulations.

For the innovation of medical equipment, food and drug supervision and administration departments at all levels and the relevant technical agencies will be in accordance with the early intervention and assign special personnel to take charge of principle, scientific examination and approval, the standard does not reduce, the program does not reduce for approval-various demands shows that under the premise of the confidence for promoting the development of the innovation of medical equipment in China.


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