Healthy development of domestic YiXie industry to speed up the process
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With the continuous development of medical industry, the development of the medical device industry is more significant. But at present, domestic YiXie mess, many of the problems of continuously, seriously affecting the development of the industry. Is facing many challenging, break through the dilemma is industry priority.

Medical equipment domestic enterprises lack of strategic integration, scattered distribution of extensive growth. Although medical equipment enterprises to develop rapidly in China, domestic enterprises in the relatively short hasn't been able to in the process of natural development of scale, the vast majority of stay in scattered distribution, low level of vicious competition stage of extensive growth, this way of laissez faire industry development adverse health development of industry-wide.

"Medical devices" leading enterprises operation and management level is high, the scientific research innovation ability strong, resist risk ability and the obvious advantages of scale to reduce costs, the development of the whole industrial chain plays an important role in supporting, can be an important force to pull, the formation of industrial clusters.

Therefore, the management departments at all levels shall actively promote the domestic YiXie scientific integration and reorganization, booster superior enterprises through capital operation become the leading enterprise, integrating scientific research strength, the production resources and marketing channels, drive the industry facilities, changing the extensive competition situation in the low level, and then form a reasonable division of labor, distinctive "leading" corporate brand, enhance the level of the intensive development of China's medical equipment industry.

The medical device industry in our country should accurately grasp the current situation of industry competition characteristic, conforms to the trend of the development of the national medical apparatus and instruments market, nurturing local leading enterprises, break the monopoly of multinational companies, aiming at the potential direction of product development, realize the transformation and upgrading of the industrial chain of medical devices.

In YiXie industry under the new situation, the development of domestic YiXie industry faces many challenges, so YiXie industry should follow the development trend of The Times, make reasonable strategy, accelerate the process of YiXie industry's healthy development.


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